I have a fin(n)ish line

Yesterday I met Lotta at the Frankfurt Marathon fair. She is from Finland, from Finnish Athletics, she is in charge to promote the Helsinki Marathon. She gave me a target, a definite finish line for my baltic adventure run next year: Yes, You are right, it’s the finish of Helsinki Marathon at 12 th of August 2017 3:00 PM!


So I very happy about this, because I’ve not only scheduled the start of my journey 1st of may , also the finish. This would be a great pleasure for me, running in slow Speed, earthed from the expiriences of my long run hundreds of kilometers along the baltic sea cost, rest few days in Tallinn, go by ferry in 70 minutes to Helsinki, staystrong and fresh at the start line and finish happy.

Shurely It would be perhaps not my fastest race after the „special“ training with my carryage, but – who knows?

City Marathon of Helsinki, your my finish!

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